My Best Word: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an interesting word for me. I was interested in growing ideas into business, especially for those which were totally new to the market, even before I learnt the word for it. I am a creative person who likes to create solutions for the community. Inventions and innovation are part of entrepreneurship since new ventures and discoveries come from the innovators and inventors in the community. My role models are people in business who turned worthless ideas into booming businesses and the best websites that are respected all over the world. They include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. I would like to learn about the principles that are fundamental to entrepreneurship so that I can apply them when I start a business. Classes in economics and business are crucial for me to learn these lessons.

Entrepreneurship is risky, like taking a ride on the roller-coaster. You never know how you will feel at the lowest or the highest point. The most important realization that one should know is that the journey to success has various huddles but one should always be ready to pick themselves up. This principle is core to human life, and learning the intrigues is exciting. Whenever I look at the people who have succeeded in business, they had this particular focus, and they lived two lives: their own, and that of the business, as if entwined. They learnt about the dynamics, which led them to success. An entrepreneur should be ready to take the roller-coaster journey.